On June 1, 2009, I picked my first vegetable of the season from my vegetable garden. It was a very nice yellow straightneck squash. There should be more Straightneck squash, some zucchini, and some sweet banana peppers coming soon. There are a couple very small tomatoes beginning to sprout, along with some carrots, beets, and radishes. Everything seems to be growing just dandy. I do wish the tomatoes were a little bit further along, but I'm trying to be patient. Here are a couple pictures of the new squash and the sweet banana peppers.

This is my first veggie of the season - a yellow straightneck squash

These sweet banana peppers are almost ready to pick

I'm really looking forward for more vegetables to start cropping up. No pun intended. Please feel free to share your vegetables so far this season in the comments area below.

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