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The Raccoons are Destroying my Garden

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I am in a fix right now. Somehow two raccoons have got into the yard and they are destroying my garden by tunneling holes in the soil :( I tried getting rid of them by trapping but they always seem to miss the bait or are too clever enough to avoid it. I thought about calling some humane wildlife removal services ( ) because I don't want them to be killed. What do I do to make sure that they don't get into the house? I have heard that using mothballs and anti-animal spray would work. If anybody could share any suggestions on this, it would be great.
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I also have trouble with these raccoons. They always find a way to get food in the bird feeders that I put in the garden. But they are a species that is afraid of bears and tigers so I put a sound machine on tiger growls and I found it to be effective as well. Besides, you can plant more plants like the smell of garlic, onions, and hot peppers to chase raccoons out of the garden because they hate these smells.
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