A few days ago I discussed some fabulous Christmas gift ideas for your favorite gardener. Although these are great Christmas gifts that any gardener would love to have under the tree, there might be some gardeners out there that already have these items (or similar items) out in the tool shed.

For the gardener that has it all, there is one Christmas gift that will definitely brighten their day -

A gift certificate from GrowVeg.com!

GrowVeg.com is the ultimate online garden planning tool. I use GrowVeg.com religiously for all of my garden planning needs. If you would like more information on using GrowVeg.com, check out my article on using it - Using GrowVeg For Garden Planning.

You can also find in-depth information on their website, and several videos on using GrowVeg.com on their YouTube channel. The YouTube videos really show you the power of the GrowVeg garden planner, and just how easy it is to use!

The fine people at GrowVeg.com recently added 40 new plants to the system including many herbs and cover crops. This brings the total number of plants you can add to your garden plan to over 130. GrowVeg.com also offers complete growing information and adaptable planting times for each plant in the system, and it's all totally customized according to your specific region!

This is a fantastic Christmas gift for that special gardener that will help them grow a more productive and efficient garden. I absolutely love it, and I know they will, too.

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