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I order stuff while moping, browsing seed catalogs and veg’ing in my in my “happy chairâ€. I don’t remember ordering some of this stuff so I’ve been digging through my inbox for the last hour looking for receipts. I’m having a lot of “ahaaaa†moments. My fruit trees and bushes have started to arrive. So I’m drilling drain holes and planting trees. My yard is too small for a real orchard so most of them are in pots. I have a dwarf cherry tree and nectarine in the ground. I currently have what I call a fruit coral. It’s a stone block enclosure that I lined with foil bubble wrap and sheets of Styrofoam to protect my trees in their pots during the winter. It worked and those trees have survived two zone 5 winters.
This year I’m insulating the pots themselves so that I can just move the pots to sheltered sunny areas during the winter instead of to the garage. I’m experimenting with the insulation. Some of the pots will have the foil bubble wrap and some will have the Styrofoam. I’m using those cone shaped plant protectors in pots that are taller than they are wide. I cut them down so that they will fit in the pot and cut out the top which becomes the bottom so they won’t hold water.
More fruit trees and bushings coming…… ;) (I love playing in the dirt!)


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