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To buddies bothered by cucumber beetles

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Good evening everybody,

I just found a really effective method to capture and kill cucumber beetles.

- Timing, the most important factor: When your garden is in total DARKNESS.
- Tools: Take a work light or headlamp (the latter would free your hands) with you, and maybe a jacket if it's really cool outside. And of course your hands and patience.
- Light the infested veggies (to me cucumbers), search for those yellow-black devils. The bugs will not flee away like they react during the daytime. They would just slowly crawl in the light. Then you could easily capture and kill them. I've just wiped out more than 40 bugs within 15 minutes.

Have a good night.

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good tips and sounds like you made quite the killing! I've never had problems with cucumber beetles before, so maybe they aren't out in my region?
So you're so lucky in Oregon.

I think my tip really works, as I only got 5 cucumber beetles tonight. I guess most of them have been eliminated last night :D
I have never heard of them either till I started visiting veggie garden sites. my biggest issue is slugs in the pacific north west they grow to a good 6 to 8 inches long and come in three types, black,brown and banana. can burrow up to 6 feet under ground and hibernate over winter. But there is an up side to slugs the banana slug is native and doesn't suck down growing plants it eats dead and decaying plant material so in some ways can aid a garden or compost area. so I don't kill off the good slugs I have placed copper stripping around my raised beds and this has deterred most slugs a few do get threw but not many. ya you haven't lived till you have an 8 inch long slug that looks like a rotten banana stuck to the side of your house.:rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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