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Tomato plant stems turning black

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I'm in Fl. box store tols me it's caused by the heat and to cut off the affected limbs. I did and there is some regrowth coming in. But, the stem wasn't turning brown.
Jack72; Thank you for the info. I'm going out now to make sure all of the damage stems are removed. Hopefully after I do that the main stem will clear up. Thanks again.
some of my tomato plants were starting to get brown too, I just trimmed the bad parts of it off and new ones grew nice and its doing a whole lot better now
Maria_e_Resendez, thanks for the info. I got rid of all the bad stems/leaves so now it's wait & see.
From what I've researched always pinch off lower leaves nearest ground.
Thanks Bev, I'll check the plants and remove lower limbs as needed.
Tomato disease is identify by affect plant parts likes stem and whole plant.


Crown rot, Stunting, Wilt.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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