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tomato plants

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i started tomato plants indoors way too early....they got real long and i cut the tops off of them and re planted them...they are very nice now...i am wondering if this will harm the development of the plant...will they grow and produce a healthy tomato plant when i put them out in the garden? some of them are starting to bloom..should i pinch the blooms off? the plants are about 5 to 6 inches high..
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they will grow great in the garden they like being pruned a bit. I have some short ones that are setting tomatoes this is way early for me to even think about tomatoes.
They should do just fine. There's a method of planting offshoots called Trench Planting just for what you're describing. Instead of discarding prunings (especially longer ones), just did a shallow trench and lay them along it, leaving the leafy portion above ground. The extra length promotes a stronger root system and the top of the plant will know which way the sun is. :) There should be no difference in their development. Good luck, and let us know when they're ripe!
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