I started using Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer in 2007, soon after planting my tomato plants for the season. I was at my local gardening center just loafing around, checking out what had recently come in. In the back of my mind, I was wanting to find a new fertilizer to use on my tomatoes and other vegetables. It was important that the new fertilizer be organic, and not contain any chemicals.

During my garden center visit I came across Tomato-tone. The big red tomato on the front of the bag caught my eye instantly (those marketing guys are good, eh?). I quickly scanned the front of the bag, and then the back. After reading the Guaranteed Analysis of the product, I knew I had what I was looking for.

Tomato-tone Tomato Fertilizer

The Guaranteed Analysis for Tomato-tone is 3% nitrogen, 4% phosphate, and 6% soluble potash. This is a perfect combination for growing tomatoes, but that's not all. Tomato-tone also has 5% calcium which helps prevent blossom end rot, 1% magnesium, and 3% sulfur. These trace elements are essential for giving the tomato plants much needed nutrients.

One of the best features of Tomato-tone is Espoma's proprietary Bio-tone®, a special formula containing over 3 million beneficial microbes. This is what works the magic with this fertilizer. These beneficial microbes do the dirty work of creating big and healthy plants which in turn grow large, plump, and juicy tomatoes. Beneficial microbes support good root growth by helping the roots absorb nutrients from the soil. Well producing tomatoes, or any plant for that matter, starts with a healthy and strong root system.

Since I started using Tomato-tone, my tomato plants have grown faster, stronger, and produced more tomatoes. Using Tomato-tone coupled with a liquid fertilizer, such as fish emulsion or compost tea, is all you need for better tomatoes. I strongly recommend you use Tomato-tone on your tomatoes.

Tomato-tone Tomato Fertilizer

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