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Tomatoes cracks at the top by the stem.

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My tomatoes are cracking at the top by the stems. Is this because I water too much, or not enough water. I have also read that if the tomatoe plants get too dry, and then I water the plant takes in too much water at once and cracks. What can I do to lessen the cracking problem. Also the birds are eating my green tomatoes on the plant.
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You have nailed the issue. It's not too much/too little so much as an uneven water supply while the plants are setting fruit. Consistent watering may help.
Megan is right on with the watering....also if you haven't already, use 3-6" of mulch either wheat straw, pine straw or grass clippings. just make sure it is deep and water good BEFORE putting down mulch
Good luck with your tomatoes
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