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Truth about Peat pellets?

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I have read differing reports about this and it seems like it should be more clear cut. Will pepper seeds germinate and begin growing in peat pellets? I've read to never do that because they won't germinate in that medium. I've also read that they will germinate in that medium and even seen companies market peat pellets for germinating peppers including showing a pepper plant seedling! What's the real deal?
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I like the peat pots, but don't think I've ever used them to germinate peppers or tomatoes. I do know they aren't good for garlic, so they don't go in my compost pile. I use them mainly for leafy veggies.
I use the coir in my potting soil mix, along with sand, wood ash (instead of lime), clay and manure compost.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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