I went out to the garden yesterday to check on all my plants, pick what was ready, and pull just a few weeds. This is the first year that I have used any type of mulch in the vegetable garden, and I sure am glad I did. The mulch really does a nice job keeping the weeds at bay. It has literally cut my weed-pulling time by 80% or more.

Anyway, I'm getting off track.

After completing a few odds and ends, it was time for the fun part - the part all gardeners strive for - it was time to pick the vegetables that were ready. There was quite a bit more ready than I thought at first. Really, I figured there were a couple tomatoes, a handful of banana peppers, and maybe a zucchini.


I was able to pick nine tomatoes, four zucchini, four cucumbers, four yellow squash, five okra pods, nine banana peppers, and seven eggplant. I will not be able to open a vegetable stand or anything, but not bad for a small garden in one day. At least I know I'll have some good eating on the dinner table tonight. I finished up my small harvest in the nick of time, right before a thunderstorm came across.

Hopefully, the butter beans will be coming in soon. I saw some small pods developing on them today. I started them off later than I wanted to, but they'll be ready by the end of July, which isn't too bad.

Let me know how your garden is doing. I'd love to hear about it!