One of the vegetable gardening blogs/websites that I check out frequently is Kenny Point's His website is always packed with very interesting articles and videos. Recently he featured a video on a new tomato trellising and training system.

This system looks like a far improvement over the stakes and cages that I have fought for years with my tomato plants. In the video, Kenny explains how to set up the tomato trellis, and how it works. I can't wait for next season so I can implement this system for my tomatoes. It looks like my days of the leaning over, and fallen down tomato plants might be over.

Veggie Gardening Tips Tomato Trellising System

If you are interested in this great tomato trellising idea, please check out New Tomato Trellising and Training System (Video) from Veggie Gardening Tips. I think anyone that loves to grow tomatoes will appreciate this. Thanks for sharing this system, Kenny!

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