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Gosh, I dread intro threads, never know quite what to say.

The basics-I'm not new to gardening, but am still very much an amatuer. I gardened for years in NE Ohio, but having moved to north central Michigan(mitten), I have challenges to learn about(sandy, acidic soil). The zone maps say it's zone 5b here. I always though it was a zone 4 area, did they revise the maps or something? Anyway, winter is too long, the growing season is too short......but I'll live with it. *sigh* :)

My gardens are small. Herb bed is only 3' x 8' and the veggie garden is a 10' x 14' raised bed(small village lots). Kind of a moot point, but a place to start because.......I have 25 days to move. The good part is that I'm moving to the house next door and can literally walk my plants to their new homes. That brings up soil prep, best location for sun and/or shade requirements, etc. The bad parts are the annuals that won't be done harvesting before I have to dismantle the fencing and move soil.

Okay intro is long enough, I'm off to the forums to check them out and maybe start a thread or two with some questions.

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