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What is the most difficult pest you deal with in your garden?

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For me it's been squash bugs. Last year they literally killed all my squash. This year I planted some marigolds in among my squash and other veggie's and so far it seems to have solved my problem, not only with the squash bugs but also it's brought some more butterflies and bees around :)
I have noticed that my garden has been invaded by a few gophers. They have already taken out TWO of my roma tomato plants! We do have a couple of outdoor cats..and one did catch a make a meal out of the gopher. But this morning when I went to check on my garden was when I noticed the second roma had been killed by one of these gophers. Is there a way to rid my garden of these destroyers without using poison? I wouldn't want anything to happen to our cats, and unfortunately our cats haven't been able to catch them all. So any suggestions?
I have been having lots of grasshopppers as well..of all sizes. The only cure I have found is I let the chickens go after them :)
I have chickens but need to fence around my plants so they don't dig them up or eat them!
I have also tried the Veggie Gardner's organic pesticide and it seems to help too. I also have a fence around my garden so they don't dig up my plants at this time but the hoppers in our area come from the fields and hop into our yard so they're able to grab them and eat them outside of my garden area. I also have my son do a grasshopper round up and give them to the chickens while the chickens are in their coop..that method works very well plus it gives my son the chance to help out with the garden :)
This lately. Have no idea what it is!
I have never seen these before in my garden..when you find out what they are I would like to know..
The best way that I have found to take care of squash bugs is to plant marigolds among the squash. They attract the right type of bugs that kill squash bug eggs and eat on the squash bugs. I have not had a problem with them at all since doing this. I have had an abundance of zucchini's every time. Try it!
Squash bugs. They have gotten a foot hold in my garden, I've lost a pumpkin plant and 3/4 of my zucchini plants. I've picked the eggs (bottom of the leaves) and sprayed all that I have seen with soapy water (which kills them). All that and they still are winning the battle. I spotted a couple on my cukes as well. Last year I only got one cuke before they killed the plants.
1 - 6 of 55 Posts
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