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slugs. beer is sort of keeping them at bay, but I might have to try that copper tubing trick mentioned by nukeday around my purple beans. they are stunting their growth.

I also have a mystery diner...and by diner I mean something has figured out a way around my chicken wire fence and ate all of my spinach...I protected my kale and it got wiped out today, my swiss chard has been munched on, and my parsley must have been dessert. The parsley wasn't touched when it was in the front yard. And the kale was left alone for a good 2 weeks. :\
^^I had the worst case of potato bugs last year. I couldn't put anything in the ground without them munching on the stem. I did manage to fix the problem with beer.

This year, however, has been all about slugs. My son has a pet turtle that enjoyed feasting on them. I put some food grade diatomaceous earth in those hard to reach places and it did the trick. Yep. I think the D.E. will be my 'go to' pest problem solver.
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