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What is the most difficult pest you deal with in your garden?

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FIRE ANTS!!!! they are all around my garden!! HELP!! tried gas,fireant killer,borax n sugar mixed !!! help!!
Try diatomaceous earth. Worked for my (not fire) ants. Make solid lines with it so they have to cross it to get where they are going.
I have been having lots of grasshopppers as well..of all sizes. The only cure I have found is I let the chickens go after them :)
I have chickens but need to fence around my plants so they don't dig them up or eat them!
I HATE white flies!!! It's almost impossible to get rid of them.
I have been very successful with lady bugs to eat the white fly. Buy them in a little box of several hundred at a garden center (Armstrong's here). Release them in early evening after 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Then when they get out of the container they don't all just fly away.
1 - 4 of 55 Posts
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