How many times have you planted your vegetable garden in spring, then by mid-summer you can't tell what plant is what?

Well, I don't know about you, but I have done that just about every season. Drawing up diagrams, and using helpful tools like GrowVeg have helped tremendously, but I still wanted a quick reference while I was out in the vegetable garden.

Plant markers are an excellent idea to solve this problem, but the generic plant markers - you know, those white plastic markers you write the plant names on - are hard to locate once everything has matured.

Plus, the writing fades to an unreadable state by the middle of the season.

With all these plant marking problems, I was very happy when Winchester Gardens offered to send me some beautiful plant markers to try out in my vegetable garden!

Winchester Gardens' Biodegradable Plant Markers

Winchester Gardens offers 18 different plant markers, which will cover just about any vegetable you put in your garden - from asparagus, to broccoli, to corn, to tomatoes.

Each marker is about 7.25-inches tall and 2.5-inches wide, making them easy to find and read throughout the gardening season.

Back of the Plant Markers

They also feature a very attractive design and have an area on the back to write notes about the plant including variety, when it was planted, when it germinated, harvest times, and other notes.

There's even a very handy measurement scale on the sides.

This is very helpful when sowing seeds so you get the correct depth.

One of the best features of these plant markers is they are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They are made from a material that biodegrades over time, but can still last several years in your garden.

Biodegradability depends on weather and soil conditions in your particular locality, so you may see varying results.

Pros of Winchester Gardens' Biodegradable Plant Markers

    • Very attractive design that accents your containers, raised beds, or rows

    • Made from biodegradable materials which means less plastics in the landfill

    • Helps to easily identify plants

    • Lasts for several years without fading

  • Gives you the ability to add planting and harvest dates so you can conveniently track the progress of your plants.

Cons of Winchester Gardens' Biodegradable Plant Markers

  • At $1.35 each, they are a bit more expensive than typical plant markers


Although the price tage for these plant markers might be a bit steep, they are worth the price, in my opinion.

The years of usage, versatility, and attractive design make these markers well worth the extra pennies.

Winchester Gardens Tomato Plant Marker
Winchester Gardens Beans Plant Marker

If you have a raised bed with several different types of vegetables and several different varieties of the same vegetables, the Winchester Gardens' Plant Markers can be an invaluable tool in your vegetable garden.

Plus, they just look so much better than the white generic plant markers!

If you would like to check out the full line of biodegradable plant markers, and other eco-friendly gardening products from Winchester Gardens, please visit their website at Winchester Gardens.

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This is my honest and fair review of the Winchester Gardens Biodegradable Plant Markers, which was supplied to me for review by Winchester Gardens. I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review.