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Is anyone wintersowing? I now have a total of 147 jugs sown and a couple are starting to sprout. I am also involved on "Seed Traders" ZoneWars, where zones from zone 4 to zone 9 are seeing who can sow the most. I am in zone 7 and so far we have a good lead. Its a very good way to have fun doing a bit of gardening (or getting ready) and to take away the winter blues! and also get alot of seedlings for this spring. I have lots of different flowers and the other day sowed several types of tomatoes. in another week I will be sowing my peppers of all kinds. This is my second year wintersowing. Those who would be interested can go to "" and get a good idea on how to begin. Trudi is a wealth of information on wintersowing since she is the one that has really thrown wintersowing in the light so to speak. you can also by sending postage get free seeds such as heirloom tomatoes. Hope some here will try it and see how much fun and inexpensive it is to have lots of new seedlings for planting this spring
happy new adventures in gardening!!
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I would love to try wintersowing but I am not sure it would work down here. Winter temps are really flaky, can be 70 degrees one day and 40 the next. My frost free date is 15 Mar.
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