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I have been told not to till in wood base mulches back into the garden soil where you plan to plant.
I was told to rake the wood base mulches off before tilling, and to reapply the mulch later.
Also, I can till in straw and hay, except coastal hay.
Does anyone have any information about tilling mulches back in to the garden soil?
Wood base mulches such as cedar, and pine bark etc.


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hello, the reason for not tilling in the wood based mulches is cedar has a natural oil in it that can harm or kill you veggies, other types of wood mulch may change the PH of your soil and make it unfriendly to veggies. If you must add some brown that can be tilled in use a sawdust from pine,alder or fir trees but sparingly. It is better to make a compost bin and turn in the wood chips with other things and let them compost. such things as manure from livestock, kitchen scraps,lawn clippings as long as you don't use a weed and feed product on your lawn. such as any thing with a weed killer in it because that stays in the compost and will kill your veggies off.
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