Video: Setting Up A Worm Composting Bin

While browsing around the internet I came across this worm composting bin video on YouTube. This is a very good, step-by-step video on how to set up your own worm composting bin. It is very easy and relatively inexpensive. With just minimal effort and money, you can start your own worm composting today. Starting this bin now means you will have plenty of high quality compost for your fall garden, and for next spring. I think I will set one up myself!

Worm Composting Bin

You can visit the video author’s website:

Start Composting Today

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  1. I have been worm composting for several years. I started when I noticed that the compost pile I had been turning for a year with no result all of a sudden turned to compost, I had accidentally introduced some red worms with some horse manure. The worms are pretty hardy, they survive the winter in a pile covered in fall leaves, and they multiply pretty quickly. This fall I am planning on moving some to a fallow part of the garden in a big compost pile. I’ll protect them from the cold with leaves and some black 4 mil plastic loosely covering the pile. The little critters really know how to turn veg waste into compost.

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